Saturday, October 4, 2008

what im feeling: sites, shows, books

Im not much of a reader, but when i do read, i like to get something real suspenseful & interesting. You wont never catch me reading no Harry Potter type of books, i was just never into those type of books for some reason. lol. But im intrigued by the more urban lifestyle type of books, maybe cause they are a little relatable rather than a boy who goes to magic school. lol. No disrespect to my harry-potter fanatics. Im not saying im a gangsta im far from

One of my favorite books, ive read, is "True to the game" written by: Teri Woods. I couldn't put the book down, the first time i read it. Lol. But to my knowledge it is a series of books, SO right now im reading Part 2. If you haven't read the book yet, i recommend it you, its one of those books, you cant put down. I can only imagine how tight it would be if they made a movie out of it.

Now on, to my favorite television show. First 48, This is one show i cant get enough of, i have no reason why either. I can sit at home for hours watching the show (since my dvr, records every single episode). Now this is definitely not your average tv. show, it gets a little graphic. Its nothing like cops, if that was what you were thinking. Basically it covers the first 48 hours of a murder, behind the scenes, looking for the suspects, and witnesses, basically trying to find out whats goin on, and who killed the victum. Its comes on the A&E channel yall should def. check that out when your bored. It kind of makes you greatful, that your not in those type of conditions, it really makes you sit and think.

Yall have to check this 7 year old, out...

He killed almost all the reptiles in the zoo. My whole thing is, what type of percautions, are they gonna take, i dont think he should just go home, and live hes regular life, i dont care if you are 3. I play him hes parents, i think they should def. put him and hes parents in some type of theropy, cause if you killing mutiple animals, at 7, imaging what the little nigga, gon be doing at

One of my favorite web-sites, is concreteloop. They have the latest on music, fashion & entertainment. Thats where i basically get all my information, on what hot & whats not, its a good site, if you wanna know whats goin on in the urban community, as far as anything.

I know this post is all over the place, but i felt like i owed it to you, my last post was a little uninteresting, so this one, i wanted to let you all, in on some stuff that im feeling a the moment, stay tuned for part 2. of this post


Junell said...
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Junell said...

OMG; 48 is deebomb.