Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Done with November Time for December....

Its officially december.. Dammn, lookin back, i only posted one post in November, Lol..theres no excuses for that. But it is a new month, so i will be updating more than i did in November.


Friday, November 14, 2008

i know, im a little late!

Sorry, i aint been on to update, lately..but im back with something i actually wrote on my aim away message, on the monumental day, of NOVEMBER 4TH 2008, when Barack "The Great" Obama, was elected as the president of the united states.

"Monumental, would be an understatement. Im filled with exciting emotions, ive never been so, political invovled, and it def. made a change. This is a huge step, to a better living. I know a lot of people look at the african americans, & say "he or she is only voting because hes black" and i know theres some of you out there (40 years ago, we were getting killed/slaved/lenched because of our skin color). But i VOTED, because he was and is a better canadite. and the fact that he is black, just opens soo many doors, for the black people & everyone else, ANY RACE, ANY COLOR, can relate to the man. We live in a world, where they once said, "the black men was shxt", and some still believe that! but guess what, OUR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS BLACK

Im just soo prideful, because i never thought i would live to see the day, were a black man, is selected president. thats crazy to me..."

WE DID IT YALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

"scarlet takes a tumble!"

I had to give this one, its owwn whooole post, its THAT funny....

Finally back.

Sorry for the hiatus, my computer was being fixed. But im back soo no worries! Its crazy what you can learn in the amount of time, like even since the last time i posted here, or two days ago for that matter, so much stuff i didnt know, i now know. But let me not get into that, its just gon make me mad all over again!!! LOL

but ill be back with some updates....

check this show out!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do what YOU, wanna do.

Its always somebody(s) in life, who doesnt believe in what you do. whether it be friend, parent, associate, teacher, whatever. & when i say believe i mean what you wanna do. Society is soo fucked up, where every average person lives the average life, with only dreams, of what they could, or wanted to be when they where younger, but never attempted because someone, told them they werent good enough, or they werent gonna make it.

Dont ever let someone dictate your life, because you will grow old, and only wonder what it would be like, if you were doing, what you want in your heart. Its 08, its time to make it happen, do what you want & what you aspire to be! Go after your dreams, and believe me you'll be 100 x more successful at doing something you love, rather than doing something that you have to do for your needs.

Basically im trying to encourage you, to "be all you can be". i bet you barack obama always had the intentions of being a president, and you know how many people, probally looked at him & laughed? Its time to go out there & go for your deams, and when i say go for it, i mean actually go towards it noow, you only live one life, so i encourage you to start researching, and doing all you can, to get that much closer to what you wannabe!

Ive always knew, in my heart what i wanted & will be, and its always that hater thats gon laugh, or that person thats gon say "that would never happen" prove them wrong. & 9 times out of 10, the person doubting you, hates what there doing in life, or aint doing ishh..

The intentions, of this blog was for encouragement, be inspired, if you wannabe a rapper, do that! singer do that! firefighter do that! fashion designer do that! I believe you, but most of all you gotta believe yoou!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Reflecting on weekend movies.

The weather this weekend, has been very gloomy, almost like its gonna rain, but it never quite will. The weather reflected my persona this weekend. Just been in the house, having some me time, i aint did that in a long time, usually on a weekend, you can catch me with the rest of my boys (level 3) either doing something that has to do with our music, or just doing something.

Anyway..I caught a few good, HBO movies, and if you know me, you know, i dont really watch that many movies, i dont know why, i just never really did. But when i do, i usually like suspense or scary movies, im not that big on comedy. but i caught two movies, that i felt were good.


This was a good suspensful movie. I actually did catch the end, but for what i did see, it was good, check that out when you get a chance.

Now this was more of a scary/suspence, it was one of the best movies i seen in a while, it was kinda like the island version of hostel. Just in brazil. Yall should really check this out.