Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do what YOU, wanna do.

Its always somebody(s) in life, who doesnt believe in what you do. whether it be friend, parent, associate, teacher, whatever. & when i say believe i mean what you wanna do. Society is soo fucked up, where every average person lives the average life, with only dreams, of what they could, or wanted to be when they where younger, but never attempted because someone, told them they werent good enough, or they werent gonna make it.

Dont ever let someone dictate your life, because you will grow old, and only wonder what it would be like, if you were doing, what you want in your heart. Its 08, its time to make it happen, do what you want & what you aspire to be! Go after your dreams, and believe me you'll be 100 x more successful at doing something you love, rather than doing something that you have to do for your needs.

Basically im trying to encourage you, to "be all you can be". i bet you barack obama always had the intentions of being a president, and you know how many people, probally looked at him & laughed? Its time to go out there & go for your deams, and when i say go for it, i mean actually go towards it noow, you only live one life, so i encourage you to start researching, and doing all you can, to get that much closer to what you wannabe!

Ive always knew, in my heart what i wanted & will be, and its always that hater thats gon laugh, or that person thats gon say "that would never happen" prove them wrong. & 9 times out of 10, the person doubting you, hates what there doing in life, or aint doing ishh..

The intentions, of this blog was for encouragement, be inspired, if you wannabe a rapper, do that! singer do that! firefighter do that! fashion designer do that! I believe you, but most of all you gotta believe yoou!

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