Sunday, October 5, 2008

Reflecting on weekend movies.

The weather this weekend, has been very gloomy, almost like its gonna rain, but it never quite will. The weather reflected my persona this weekend. Just been in the house, having some me time, i aint did that in a long time, usually on a weekend, you can catch me with the rest of my boys (level 3) either doing something that has to do with our music, or just doing something.

Anyway..I caught a few good, HBO movies, and if you know me, you know, i dont really watch that many movies, i dont know why, i just never really did. But when i do, i usually like suspense or scary movies, im not that big on comedy. but i caught two movies, that i felt were good.


This was a good suspensful movie. I actually did catch the end, but for what i did see, it was good, check that out when you get a chance.

Now this was more of a scary/suspence, it was one of the best movies i seen in a while, it was kinda like the island version of hostel. Just in brazil. Yall should really check this out.

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