Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My first post.

what up, world? i am mar'kece, i decided to hop on the bandwagon, and get one of these, i feel its a good place to let it all out. a place to just say idgaf & thats exactly what im gonna do!!!!

if you know me, then you know, i am MUSIC. its what i live for, i listen to any & every type of genre (rock, hip-hop, acoustic, r&b, classical, metal, elcectro, pop, etc...) anything with a captivating beat, or some well put together lyrics, i will listen to, well not you get what im saying. ive always been a rebel when it comes, to my musical taste, ive never put color lines in my musical choice. its to many musical styles, to be obligated to listen to one, is just missing out on life.

also, if you know me, you i am, in as group called, "Level 3" we are on the way to the top. So make sure you check us out!!

also, when it comes to music, i really wanna get in to writing. I know its in me, i just gotta bring it out, i know that its there. ive written a few times in my life but nothing on a proffesional level, to what im trying to get up to.


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